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Title BoBoiBoy : Elemental Heroes
Genre Superhero, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fiction
Languages English, Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia, Hindi, & Tamil
Subtitles English, Mandarin
Duration 76 Episodes x 22 Minutes


A young superhero from Earth with the power to control 7 different elements travels across the galaxy to save Power Spheras, robots that can give super powers, from evil aliens.


BoBoiBoy and friends are a group of young superheroes who received super powers from a Power Sphera named Ochobot. Power Spheras are ancient robots that grant super powers to anyone who finds them. Recruited by an organization called TAPOPS, BoBoiBoy and friends are tasked with tracking down and protecting other Power Spheras that are scattered across the galaxy, to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. In their journey, BoBoiBoy and friends will make new allies, face powerful alien villains and visit amazing planets across the galaxy.